Nature has the unmatched ability to restore, rejuvenate and reenergise the health and wellness of its subjects. Ancient cultures are famous for their deep and complete understanding of this healing power as well as their ability to utilize these well-kept secrets to their advantage. Ishana Nature Spa is the one that brings the secrets of Indian Knowledge and Asian heritage to the Spa Scenario. Inspired and directed by traditional therapies and natural ingredients, Ishana Nature Spa offers succor and relaxation through indulgent and pure spa products and deeply rejuvenating therapies expertly imparted by trained and experienced therapists.

Touch can have healing powers and infants are introduced to touch in the form of massage right after birth. It is considered beneficial for the infants as it deepens breathing rhythm, induces relaxation, aids, digestion and stimulates the immune system. Dais (women specially trained in this art) perform this daily ritual for the babies and thus is born the relationship of touch and response that stays with the individual through a lifetime.

Traditionally, the Guru (spiritual guide) was equated to God and disciples sought his blessings, paid respects and expressed complete devotion by touching his feet. They pressed their Guru’s feet in a gentle, massage like manner to perform seva (service) and to provide him and rest and relaxation. In response, a benevolent and gracious touch of the Guru on the disciple’s forehead made him feel blessed.

At our spa, we equate our guests with God and approach them with the same reverence, respect and desire to serve. The therapies performed at Ishana are therefore not just Ayurveda on a Spa table; they are a mileu of touch and response, respect, nourishment, and desire to provide rest and relaxation to anyone who is keen to receive it.