Ishana is an experiential space that brings the idea of Conscious Living - the Indian Way to visitors by way of rich narrative spaces, life-positive products and services. We are the celebration of an India where age old spiritual & scientific & wisdom brings simplicity, purity and harmony to life today. We encourage all people to explore and engage with our spaces, to discover the essence of explore and engage with our spaces, to discover the essence of Conscious Indian Living and, through our products and services offer them a channel to embrace it in their lives. Our spaces, products and services are rich in detail, story and craft, and seek to enrich, energize and inspire visitors to celebrate life and living. We are not merely a destination, but a window and guide to the journey towards a long-term, fulfilling life experience.


Ishana aspires to help every human being live in perfect harmony with their own inner selves and with nature. It therefore seeks to constantly and consistently reach our to people across the globe and ‘touch’ their lives with the philosophy of Conscious Living. To accomplish this objective, Ishana aims to broaden its presence through its India Experience Centers in all major cities around the world.


Ishana recognizes the importance of being healthy in mind, body and spirit. Man’s interaction with Nature is the primal source of this balance and the awareness of this relationship is fundamental towards maintaining this delicate equilibrium. Through a variety of tangible and intangible services Ishana helps to consciously and continuously restore and nurture this balance, helping its patrons live in close harmony with their own inner self and the elements of nature, bringing them closer to the true essence of ‘Fine Living’.