Ishana is a symbiotic mix of several elements, waiting to be explored at your will and choice, bringing together the unique Ishana Experience. Even before you step in, the experience beckons you with its sights and sounds, transporting you to a different, enchanting world as you enter into ’The abode of Gods’. The various events and engagements at Ishana help invite you to savor this electric mix of tangible and intangible experience that embody the true Spirit and essence of this land.


Even before you see what is in store for you at Ishana, it is the strains of mellifluous music that greet you and transport you into a world of serenity. Music played upon various Indian musical instruments creates an inviting ambience making you sit by and listen a little bit more or even request the musicians for your favorite piece.


A healthy mind and body enables one to enjoy the gifts of life to the maximum. The Ayurvedic Consultant at Ishana helps you make the necessary lifestyle adjustments and recommends Ayurvedic medicine in accordance with your body type and ailments, helping you heal with the ancient Indian system of life science and bringing you closer to the nature and its elements.


The fluid space lends itself gracefully to a montage of works by renowned contemporary Indian artists. Arts and crafts in a variety of medium are displayed at Ishana, available to be viewed at your will or to be acquired. Sculpture, Canwas, Photographs or Prints, Ishana presents you with a variety of options to be explored at leisure.


Craftsmen from different regions of India offer a live display of traditional art forms. Witness artists demonstrate famous painting techniques like Madhubani from Bihar and Miniature Painting from Rajasthan or fashion alluring, brightly colored ornamental pieces with Paper Mache from kashmir. Watch them make masterpieces right in front of you or own a piece of art and craft created by the artisans especiallyfor you.


Astrlogy assumes that celestial placements can aid in the interpretation of past and present events, and in the prediction of future. Understand what your stars hold in store for you with the help of our astrologer.


You might walk in at Ishana and find a Mehandi wali (henna Tatto Artist) and Churi wala (Bangle Seller) lending the feel of an Indian bazaar at festival time or a puppeteer recreating the royal courts of Rajasthan and can also be a part of various ongoing special promotions. At any given time, Ishana is replace with the sights, sounds and experiences true to India and its vibrant colorful ethos.