Conscious Living is not merely living our own lives in tune with Nature, it is a wider concept which also extends to the society we live in. It encompasses being aware of our responsibilities and consciously giving back to the same, enriching lives of those around us. Ishana aims to support the under-privileged in all possible ways to help people with the basic necessities of life like food, shelter, education and health-care. A step in this direction is the Ishana Fellowship Program.

Instead of passively donating a particular amount to random charities, this program takes active part in development and in creating a palpable difference in the lives of under-privileged children. In keeping with Ishana's vision to develop a platform for the same, Ishana employs full-time professionals to further raise awareness, involvement and resources for the program. Ishana is committed towards creating a team of young Change Makers who have the passion and determination to bring about continuous change in the environment. While these Change Makers are currently engaged in the field of education, Ishana is committed to add more such Change Makers to address the areas of health and wellóbeing. Working on the principle of 'Paying it forward' this program takes care of a team of professions who go forward and positively impact the lives of the under-privileged through different programs and in varied areas of life, thus creating a multiplier effect while fulfilling Ishana's objective of inclusive and involved development.